Swiftly It Goes



Sometimes when I paint I have this flow about my work. I can’t exactly describe it honestly, but as I lay each stroke I react to color and texture and layer. Some pieces take months to finish and some take two hours. This one took 3.5 hours of painting pretty much non-stop. I scratched a mint layer across the canvas just to get something down. I tend to do that on my bigger pieces because all of the white space can be intimidating. Next I filled and traced with yellow and teal and layered another layer with a mint baby blue color. Satisfied with texture and composition I knew it was time to place the final layer. Some paintings literally have five layers down before I’m satisfied. I am not sure what makes me feel satisfied exactly, but I know it’s this peaceful type feeling. Once the spray paint goes on, I usually don’t touch it again. That is also not always the case. Piece to piece my reaction varies. 

I named it Swiftly It Goes, because lately I have felt this ending and restarting of chapters. I felt like it took form in this piece. 


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