Growing up, the only time I ever took a bath was right before a highschool dance to treat myself,or as a little kid with entirely too many bubbles from a princess themed bottle.  

Recently it has become some sort of a ritual for me every couple weeks. Raised in a family of boys, pampering myself just wasn’t a thing. I didn’t wear makeup until college, and I mostly collected nail polish because I liked the colors. (Until now of course)

I always thought baths were with bubbles and books and candles, and as fun as that sounds I just could never get on board. The truth is there are four types of bathers. After months of trying out different types of baths I have come up with this theory:

1.Too many bubbles isn’t a thing ever. This bath taker prefers a glass of wine, pink slippers, and as many bubbles as possible. 

2. Detox my inner soul. Tends to go for the salt baths and holistic variety. Will dress up the bath with flowers for fun on a super rare occasion. (I tend to fall into this category without the flowers.) Epsom salt love. 

3. Bath bombs for days. Enjoys a steamy bath and rainbows and sprinkles too. Basically mermaid dreams…let’s be real for a second. 

4. Oil baths. Nothing like smelling lavender and teas after a long stressful day. Facial mask may make an appearance. 

The truth is I’ve tried them all. Baths allow me to be with myself on a different level. I can shut the curtain and just think. As a Christian, God and I have some pretty amazing conversations during these quiet moments.

My favorite part of the bath comes at the very end. I uncork the drain and stay in the exact same position as I feel gravity hit me slowly as the water drains. It’s become one of my favorite feelings. Slowly coming back into contact with the world with a new head of organized thoughts. 


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