2017: simplify

I struggled with my New Years resolution for months. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but I felt like a lot of things were leading up to 2017. 17 is my lucky number. Starting in October I began thinking of how I could make 2017 my year of transition. I started with the basic list of resolutions. Classics like; eat healthier, lose weight, go to the gym, and read more books. The truth was I was tired of making the same resolutions. They were all additions to my life. I had to add something to make all of those things a reality and by the end of 2016, I was exhausted. 

I had been knocked down and dragged through 2016. I started the year with mono, then continued getting sick all the way until August, when it was discovered I was having muscle spasms through my neck and shoulders. Leaving my full time job at a surf shop in May, I was doing everything to stay afloat financially until I could find a more career oriented job. By the time I crawled on my hands and knees away from 2016, I needed some change. 

I was walking through a Barnes and Noble right after Christmas when the word hit me in the forehead. Simplify. I needed to simplify my life again. It was in a tangled, exhausted heap at my feet. I sat down once I got home and wrote down a list of fifteen things I wanted to simplify in 2017. The List is as follows:

  1. Clothes/my wardrobe 
  2. Art Supplies
  3. My Morning Schedule
  4. My Social Media/online presence
  5. My furniture/house stuff
  6. My fridge
  7. Start meal planning
  8. My exercise 
  9. My cleaning schedule (aka adopt one)
  10. My job 
  11. Art commissions
  12. Subscriptions/budget
  13. No more credit cards 
  14. Friends
  15. Press the restart when necessary 

I know what you’re thinking. Those are literally all different resolutions. They are, but they aren’t. I have no intention of doing more than one at a time. Simplify. Throughout this year I plan to chronicle the letting go. The restarts and the goodbyes. The long overdue deletes. To truly move on and up, sometimes you must first drop some (or a lot) of extra weight. 


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