The Avocado Problem

Now one of the more popular fresh foods, avocados didn’t always sit well with me. Throughout high school I thought they were absolutely disgusting. The texture was all wrong, the way of eating them was super weird, and they felt so thick to my palate I would literally gag. I would stick to my salsa and chips thank you very much.

The first time I actually thought an avocado was alright was my second year of college. I was at a get together and everyone was eating this weird mixture of salsa and green stuff with chips. I took a bite and turned to my friend asking what exactly I had just eaten. Gualsa she replied. Quickly finding out that it contained avocados, I was taken aback. I had tried an avocado in something and actually liked it to my horror.

The next time I would actually taste an avocado and like it would be the first night I stood in California. My toes in the freezing waters, and guacamole added to a bean bowl I had gotten down the street. The owner of the food truck had sworn by it. There was nothing like California avocados, and boy was he right. It was so delicious. I ate Mexican food for almost three weeks straight before I actually wanted to try any other new food.

I look back and think how stuck in my ways I was for so long. I had literally convinced myself that avocados were this disgusting food that needed to be avoided. I couldn’t admit to myself that sometimes change is a really good thing. That sometimes, dare I say it, I need to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. When I come across something now that is new, or challenges my previous beliefs, I ask myself if the problem is an avocado problem. Will I be better off stepping from my comfort zone, or will it actually hurt me in the long run. Most of the time it’s an avocado problem. I just need to step from my comfort zone and try something new. I need to step from my comfort zone and confront something that makes me uncomfortable. Most importantly, I need to step from my comfort zone and realize that stepping out is what it takes to grow.

So next time you come across something that might ask you to leave your comfort zone; do you have an avocado problem?


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